2014 NFL Draft By Position: Quarterback

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Phil Gentile

Let me just start by saying that I think Flacco has a bright future and I still believe in him. He's a Super Bowl MVP and has never missed a game in his six year career. However, you can never have too much talent regardless of the position. A couple years ago the Patriots drafted Ryan Mallett despite having Tom Brady in the prime of his career and the Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins the same year they took RGIII in the first round. Both of these prospects have had time to develop and are cheap talent that could return a high value in a trade with a qb needy team. While I don't think the Ravens need a quarterback, here are five guys that could be available late in the draft if the team decides to invest in an insurance policy for Joe Flacco.

Zach Mettenberger, LSU

Photo Credit: ajc.com

Height: 6'5", Weight: 235 lbs.

Projected: Second-Third Round

Verdict: Mettenberger improved every year at LSU but a torn ACL in December ended his college career before he could play in the 2014 Outback Bowl. When healthy, though, Mettenberg has good accuracy and arm strength to be a reliable NFL backup to Flacco, maybe even more if he's groomed properly. He's been compared to the Chargers' Philip Rivers by several draft folks. If the injury causes him to slip I could see the Ravens snatching him up to learn behind Flacco.

Connor Shaw, South Carolina

Photo Credit: Zimbio.com

Height: 6'0", Weight: 209 lbs.

Projected: Sixth-Seventh Round

Verdict: Before you start calling me out for picking a fellow Gamecock just hear me out. Shaw isn't an elite talent but he does a couple things really well. His mobility is the key to his game but his accuracy throwing the ball improved during his time at South Carolina. He's similar to Tyrod Taylor with a slightly better arm. Bringing him in to compete with Taylor for the backup gig might give him some added pressure to perform.

Brett Smith, Wyoming

Photo Credit: Troy Babbitt (USA Today Sports)

Height: 6'2", Weight: 206 lbs.

Projected: Sixth-Seventh Round

Verdict: If you watched the NFL combine over the weekend you won't see Brett Smith. The Wyoming QB wasn't invited. He owns school records for total offense (10,365 yards), touchdowns (97) and touchdown passes (76). Smith would be ideal for the Ravens. From the tape I've watched he's a guy that scans the field well and makes good decisions with the ball. A guy with obvious skill they can take in the last couple rounds, Smith could be molded into a capable backup or spot starter if/when Flacco ever gets hurt.

Jeff Matthews, Cornell

Photo Credit: nexteranfl.com

Height: 6'4", Weight: 222 lbs.

Projected: Fourth-Sixth Round

Verdict: Andy Bernard would be proud of this selection. Matthew's 11,284 career passing yards and 18 300-yard games are Ivy League records. He has the big size that NFL scouts drool over. His biggest weakness is a lack of mobility and average footwork in the pocket. He would be a project but having him as Flacco's backup would allow the team to use the same plays if Matthews were thrown on the field in an emergency situation.

David Fales, San Jose State

Photo Credit: freep.com

Height: 6'2", Weight: 212 lbs.

Projected: Fifth-Seventh Round

Verdict: From the video I've watched I really like David Fales. He has probably the best vision and accuracy of all the quarterbacks on this list. He has a legit shot at being a NFL starting quarterback under the right coaching. Plays like a leader on the field and his timing always for plays to develop when it seems like it won't. He really stepped up at SJSU Pro Day, on target with 52 of 53 throws and showing very good accuracy and velocity according to those in attendance. He doesn't have ideal arm strength or size like Mettenberger but I like Fales as a project that could develop into a starting NFL quarterback given his skill set.

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