What's the best Ravens road trip for 2014?

Posted on April 23, 2014 by Phil Gentile

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The Ravens schedule will be released later today so I thought I would countdown the top five Ravens road trips for the 2014 season. At the bottom cast your vote for the best potential road trip spot this season. (I'll add dates once the schedule is released tonight)

5. Houston Texans

Photo Credit: houston.culturemap.com

I've been to Houston. It's kinda depressing. However, it's the biggest city in the country by square miles so maybe I didn't go to the right places. Best part of Houston? The BBQ of course! Best spot is Rudy's from my experience. Might be a chain spot but there brisket and smoked sausages are just what you need after watching the Ravens dominate the Texans this season.

4. Indianapolis Colts

Photo Credit: bartinisindy.com

Imagine beating the team that got stolen from Baltimore in the middle of the night and then hitting up some Indy bars to brag about the Ravens dominance. Sounds pretty sweet right? While you're in Indy be sure to check out Ale Emporium, which boasts over 100 beers on tap. If you're over 21 of course.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Photo Credit: VisitTampaBay.com

I've never been to Tampa but some of my friends have and they claim it's a fun city to visit. Between hanging out on the water to strolling down Bay Street it's a nice spot to make a Ravens road trip.

2. New Orleans Saints

Photo Credit: Denverpost.com

The Big Easy is one of the biggest party spots in the world which helps make it almost to the top of our list. If any Ravens fans weren't able to make it down to New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII this could be the ideal spot for a bachelor party/Ravens road trip to pay homage to our Lombardi trophy victory.

1. Miami Dolphins

Photo Credit: roxiecards.com

Was there any doubt that Miami would be #1? Have you ever been there? It's a magical place where all the food is Cuban and so are the women. Best bar on South Beach is The Clevelander. If there is one road trip I recommend this is it.

Best Ravens Road Trip in 2014

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