Steve Smith was born to be a Raven

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Slater Jackson

The veteran receiver who is now a new Raven has had a long and storied career in the NFL but may have finally found his way home. Steve Smith is the epitome of a competitor, an unrelenting hard worker who doesn’t give up on any play. One of the more feared receiver in the NFL, not because of his physical stature but because of his aggressive nature. Smith has a penchant for beating defensive backs into submission throughout a game, his high motor and uncanny ability to elevate and win the tough catches makes him a special receiver in the NFL.

Playing like a Raven

Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh often when speaking about players mention the phrase “he plays like a Raven”. It is something that the front office look for when they select players in the draft or in free agency. It simply means that the player’s attitude on and off the field is in line with the ethos of the Ravens locker room and the franchise. Baltimore typically look for balanced individuals who have a tremendous work ethic, leadership qualities, a desire to win and a love of the grind. Playing hard at all times and thriving in adversity, playing like a Raven is to be the ultimate team mate and give all of yourself for the team and the win. Professionals on and off the field, these players typify the standard for which other Ravens are measured when they enter the building. A significant factor in Baltimore’s current success has been the influence of a strong and stable locker room full of leaders.

Smith's Aggressiveness 

Baltimore has thrived in season’s past as a hard-nosed football team with players who can win the tough battles and grind out tough wins. Baltimore looks to continue that with the acquisition of Steve Smith one of the toughest football players in the NFL. At 5’9 and 185 pounds the veteran receiver has been defying the odds his entire career. Whilst under sized, Smith plays like a giant when he is out on the field. One of the few players in the NFL with a rare ability to take bulletin board material and inflict his anger onto another team by excelling at his role on Sunday’s. Like a coiled snake ready to strike, Smith thrives under pressure and through adversity as he relishes the fight. Last season Smith made headlines with his infamous “ice up bro” comments that were fired at then New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib. What looked to be a regular Thursday night game got hot when Talib took some liberties with Smith that he didn’t take to kindly to. After the initial small altercation, Smith flipped the switch and put together a game for the ages as he bullied Talib all game and ran past him making big catches. Smith was so fierce and aggressive in his assault on Talib that the young cornerback finally left the game battered and bruised. After the game during his interview when asked about Talib not finishing the game, Smith had a simple message for him “Ice up bro”.

How will they use him

Smith’s attributes are a perfect fit for the Baltimore locker room and also what they look to achieve on the field. His presence on the field will provide match up nightmares for defenders as he projects to move around the field from outside to the slot. Offensive coordinator will no doubt look to get Smith in one on one situations as much as possible and utilise his gritty playing style to work the middle of the field. It has been a long and winging road but Steve Smith who is built to be a Raven is now finally suiting up in purple this season. 

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March 17, 2014

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