NFL to Extend Uprights by Five Feet

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Will Grabill


When the Patriots want to change a rule, you change the rule I guess. Why not just extend the posts to the top of the stadium? You know, just to be sure.

For the record, I agree with this rule. It's an easy fix (to an issue that rarely happens, but still) and it's something that's hard to disagree with-- just make the field goal. It's just so perfect that it comes after the Pats have a problem with the way they lost.

Couple other rule changes so far:

  • The goal post dunk celebration will now be a penalty for using the ball as a prop, sorry Jimmy Graham (No Fun League).

  • The referees will now be able to communicate with officials in New York during reviews. I guess the game officials don't know the rules well enough to interpret them through replays. Makes sense.

next up:

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March 25, 2014

Disclaimer: Several Steelers were harmed during the making of this list.


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