Less is More for Jacoby Jones

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Rob Michels

Jacoby Jones is loved by all Baltimore Ravens fans. He was signed as a free agent in 2012 and danced his way into our hearts.  In 2012, he returned four kicks for scores and emerged a true deep threat for quarterback Joe Flacco. Just ask Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

So what happened to the fun loving playmaker in 2013?

For starters, before this article is viewed as a complete bash on Jones the coaching staff for the Ravens needs to get a lot of the blame. They viewed Jones as something he wasn’t and ultimately the offense paid the price.

Jones was simply asked to do too much and was also bite by the injury bug.  Jones is not an NFL starting receiver and the Ravens tried to make him one. Look back at Jones’s time in Houston when the Texans hyped him up as a possible compliment to Andre Johnson but it never worked.

Knowledgeable Ravens fans need to step back and stop acting like their wives or mothers who like Jones for being on Dancing with the Stars.  Stop the love affair over Jones and look at the 2013 season.  This isn’t the 2012 season anymore and it’s time to start opening eyes.

Where was Jones when we were screaming at Flacco and the offense? Where were the kick returns and dances to ignite the team? How can the Ravens allow Tandon Doss to have more punt return yards than Jones?!?!?!?!

The best thing that can happen to Jones is to make his life simple. Ask the dancing man to do one thing and that’s make one big play a game. Former Chicago Bear and current Atlanta Falcon Devin Hester was once asked to do the same thing in Chicago.  He electrified the NFL for a few season with his playmaking ability. Than the Bears got greedy and tried to make Hester a starting wide receiver and he was never the same, see the resemblance.


Jones was re-signed this offseason to a four-year, $14 million dollar contract. Looking at that contract the Ravens see Jones as a return specialist and a number four wide out. This should make Ravens fans smile ear to ear.

The Ravens brought in free agent pass catchers Steve Smith and Owen Daniels this offseason. They also expect a healthy Dennis Pitta and for Torrey Smith to take another step in his development. This again should make Ravens fans smile ear to ear.

So where does Jones fit in as a wide receiver in this offense?

Hopefully as a situational deep threat and return specialist. Jones is a special player but one that needs to be taken in doses. Too much of Jones is a bad things but if he is used correctly which he was in 2012 the possibilities are proven to be exciting.  If Jones is asked to focus on returning kicks and thinking of his next dance he could be the “X Factor” he was in 2012.

The Ravens front office made it clear that they needed more reliable weapons for Flacco. Jones’s season last year was far from reliable and his career as a whole hasn’t been.  He blew up in 2012 and fans want to remember him for it and nothing more. Jones was a factor in the 2012 Super Bowl run and brought a personality the fans drooled over.

Jacoby Jones is a special talent when used right but he was used wrong by the Ravens coaching staff last season.  He isn’t a number two wide out and it speaks to why the offense looked like a Pop Warner team most of the time.   

Ravens fans should be excited for the 2014 Jacoby Jones. He will, hopefully, be asked to make one big play a game and shine at it. This might be a rough article to read as a Ravens fan and you might disagree but the offseason moves and Jones’s contract speak for themselves.

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