The Five Most Athletic Players On The Ravens Roster

Posted on July 17, 2014 by Rob Michels

Every NFL team has a plethora of superior athletes on their roster and you could even argue almost every player in the league is an above average athlete. The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of athletes roaming the field.

After some work I have determined who I believe to be the top five athletes on the Ravens. This isn’t just the fastest players or strongest. The five players are pound for pound the best athletes on the team. I take into account their high school past and even dive into their combine results. The reason for that is the combine is viewed as the event where players can show off their athletic ability.

I know everyone won’t agree with my picks and I hope there is controversy over the players I chose. Either way here are the five Ravens players I find to be the most athletic.


1. Tyrod Taylor, QB


In my personal opinion Taylor is the best overall athlete on the team. Coming out of high school the man was compared to Michael Vick when he enrolled at Virginia Tech.  It speaks for itself when Tech fans compare anyone athletically to Vick. After four dominating years at Tech in which he broke nearly every quarterback record possible he opened eyes at the 2011 combine.

At the combine he was the top performer in every event for quarterbacks. He ran a 4.51 forty and had a 37 inch vertical. His athleticism and performance at the combine even had teams considering moving him to running back or wide out.  The combine was a couple years ago but the athletic ability is still there for him.

The Ravens drafted Taylor in the sixth round and have played him exclusively at quarterback during his three year career. At times the Ravens have worked Taylor into a wild cat type offense but it hasn’t held. Either way his athletic ability and NFL arm crowns Taylor the most athletic player on the Ravens.  


2. Haloti Ngata, DT

If you’ve watched any Ravens game the past eight seasons it was hard not to notice the large defensive tackle moving swiftly for tackles. Ngata is one of the most athletic players in the NFL when you look at it pound for pound. He weighs in at 340 pounds and stands at 6’4’’, but his combination of agility and strength is second to none.

Ngata might not be the same athlete he was entering the NFL, but at 30 years young he still is a sight to watch.  During his career as a Raven fans have had the pleasure of watching Ngata do a number of different things on the field. He has three career interceptions and at times lines up at fullback in goal line situations.

In high school he also led his rugby team to the National Championship. If you’ve never watched rugby take a look at the video below and be happy you never saw Ngata on a rugby field.

Overall pound for pound Ngata can compete with anyone athletically in the NFL. The man is an amazing athlete and doesn’t get enough credit for it.

3. Torrey Smith, WR


Smith is fast and has been on the other end of more Joe Flacco deep balls then anyone the past few seasons.  When you see him on the field Smith looks agile and quick to go along with pure straight line speed.  At the 2011 combine Smith ran a 4.43 forty and also led all wide receivers with a 41 inch vertical.

Coming out of college Smith was viewed as thin and lanky. Since his rookie season he has put on more pounds and appears to be filling out his body. Add in the extra size and strength to go with elite speed it has to be a scary sight-seeing Smith on an island for corners.

During Smith’s high school years he saw time at quarterback, running back, defensive back and as a kick returner. He also played basketball in high school as well. 

Since his rookie year it has been fun watching Smith at wide receiver. The reason he was able to see the field so early in his career was in part because of his speed and athletic ability.


4. Lardarius Webb, CB


Webb isn’t the flashy athlete that Taylor or Smith are, but he is very versatile and brings a ton to the table. Coming out of college at Nicholls State he was a star defensive back. He was the first player in NCAA history to win his conference’s offensive, defensive and special team’s player of the week awards.

Webb was a star return man at Nicholls State and has proven to be a capable returner for the Ravens during his career. In the NFL he has two returns for touchdowns and in college he took back three returns.

At the 2009 combine Webb put on a show athletically which moved him up to the third round. He ran a 4.46 forty and jumped a 36 inch vertical. He also bench pressed 225 fifteen times which is a solid number for a defensive back.

In high school Webb played both sides of the ball starting at quarterback and defensive back. Being the only player in NCAA history to win the offensive, defensive, and special team’s player of the week awards speaks to how athletic Webb is.

Oh and he has some pretty good hand eye.  


5. CJ Mosley, LB


This spot was tough it was a hard decision to make between Mosley and Deonte Thompson. Mosley just impressed me more athletically pound for pound.

He wasn’t able to showcase his athletic ability as much this offseason because of injuries. At his pro day he was able to open some eyes running a 4.63 forty to go along with a 35 inch vertical. That’s impressive for a player of Mosley’s size (6’0’’ 234).

Watching Mosley on the field impressed me even more. He is very fluent moving sideline to sideline and is an outstanding cover linebacker. He is capable of covering backs out of the backfield and any type of tight end.  He is a true every down linebacker and should be a great player for the Ravens.

Throwing Mosley into this ranking might surprise some, but after watching Ray Lewis and his athletic ability I had to do it. Athletically Mosley is the closest thing to Lewis since the Ravens drafted him back in 1996.

By the end of the season this ranking will be less controversial after a handful of jaw dropping plays.




Honorable Mentions: Deonte Thompson, Jacoby Jones, Jimmy Smith, Timmy Jernigan, Brandon Williams

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