Top Ten Hits In Ravens History

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Rob Michels

With the start of the 2014 season upon us I thought it would be fun to take a look at some big hits. The Ravens have always been known for defense and hard hits. Ray Lewis was one of the most feared hitters of all-time and add the likes of Bernard Pollard, Ed Reed and Haloti Ngata the big hits are endless.

Let’s take a look into the top ten hits in Ravens history. Some of the hits might not be jaw dropping but were pivotal hits at crucial moments.  Most of the hits, however, will leave you saying ooohhh.

10. Tony Siragusa Knocks Out Rich Gannon

The hit by Siragusa wasn’t crazy but it was significant. It knocked out quarterback Rich Gannon for the rest of the AFC Championship game. Gannon was having an MVP season and after the injury the Oakland Raiders offense was completely crippled. The hit allowed the Ravens 2000 defense (greatest of all-time) to harass backup Bobby Hoying into two interceptions.

Every Ravens fan remembers Tony Siragusa and his size. Siragusa’s playing weight was about 340 so I can only imagine how it felt when he landed on Gannon.  This play will always be remembered by Ravens fans because it helped lead the team to its first Super Bowl.

9. Ed Reed hits Knowshon Moreno


Ed Reed was an incredible hitter early on in his career. Towards the end of it he was shying away from contact but in the mid-2000s no one went across the middle on Reed.

The hit on Moreno is a thing of beauty and a running backs worst nightmare. In my personal opinion this isn’t Reed’s biggest career hit. That one came on wide out Steve Smith and since we just signed him this offseason I left it off the list.


8. Ray Lewis hits Dustin Keller


These were the kind of hits that Ray Lewis did routinely. It’s just a devastating tackle across the middle and came at a big moment. This was a prime time game and with the score 10-9 Ravens with less than a minute left.  This hit alone propelled the defense to hold onto the late lead and give another victory to the Ravens.

Don’t worry there is plenty more from Lewis.


7.  Haloti Ngata derails Robert Griffin’s career with one hit.


This hit is the last thing any Washington Redskins fan wants to see. It was the start of the RG3 knee injury and really has held the franchise back another year. The way his leg bends when the 340 pound Ngata hits it makes you quince.


6. Ray Lewis gets flagged for hit on Chad Johnson…Oh Well


Okay so the hit was completely illegal but hell it was Chad Johnson. Lewis took the chance to smack the loud mouth right in the chops and took it. This hit actually did more bad than good. The flag helped the Bengals get into position late in the game to get the win over the Ravens.

Either way the fact Johnson’s helmet goes flying ten yards makes this one of the best hits in Ravens history.


5. Jarrett Johnson knocks the smile off Hines Ward


If you’re a true Ravens fan anytime Hines Ward gets it you have to smile. Ward was one of the most hated players by the Ravens. Jarrett Johnson’s hit on Ward was simply great and made every fan pump their fist. The hit came in the opener of the 2011 season in which the Ravens dominated the Steelers to a score of 35-7. This hit was a perfect example of how the Ravens defense performed all day long.


4. Bernard Pollard being Bernard Pollard


I know that Steven Ridley fumbles a lot even when he is barely hit, but the hit by Bernard Pollard in the 2012 AFC Championship was gruesome. The hit could have been illegal but who cares Pollard completely levels Ridley and causes the fumble. This was a huge hit that helped pave the way to the Ravens reaching the Super Bowl.

Just Bernard Pollard hitting like Bernard Pollard does.


3. Ben Roethlisberger couldn’t avoid Bart Scott


Another Steelers player who the Ravens simply don’t like, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben is great at avoiding tacklers but never saw Bart Scott coming off the edge. This sack is one almost every Ravens fan remembers and still can watch a hundred times in a row.


2. Ray Lewis…Need I Say More


Ahmad Hall should have worried more about retrieving his helmet from the first row instead of arguing the call. This hit is pretty simple to understand just watch it and you’ll see why it’s number two.


1. Who Else But Ray Lewis...R.I.P. Keith Burns


Around 1:12 into the video is the best view of the blindside hit. It is the greatest hit in Ravens history and one of the biggest in NFL history. Lewis simply manhandles Keith Burns.





Ray Lewis dominated the list but what did you expect from one of the most feared hitters in NFL history. I hope this list prepared you for the start of the NFL season and please if anyone has a hit you believe I missed or should replace one of mine, let me know.

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