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Posted on August 18, 2014 by Will Grabill

CJ Mosley Madden 15

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-- With all the Ravens player ratings released for the latest installment of the Madden series, I look at the biggest mistakes made in rating the Ravens.

-- The overrated and underrated players are power ranked so the most egregious mistakes are listed at #1.

-- You could make a solid point for any player that he is either over or under rated, but I picked out the 17 players whose ratings just did not seem to line up with their play on the field.

-- Keep in mind that the Madden staff generally gives rookies lower ratings to protect themselves against busts.


8. Tyrod Taylor ( 72 OVR)

Does anyone other than Madden think Taylor's deep ball accuracy is on par with Joe Flacco's?  At 62, he is listed only one point shy of Flacco in that category. However, the real reason Taylor lands in the overrated section is, beside from speed, he has worse ratings than rookie Keith Wenning, but still comes in with an overall score 8 points higher. A 91 throw power for Taylor is also a bit generous.

7. John Urschel ( 69 OVR)

Though his score lands correctly on the rookie curve, it seems a bit high for a guy who seems to have been dominated throughout the offseason. He is most notably rated ahead of Gino Gradkowski and AQ Shipley, but he also comes in ahead of a few other veterans. If you think of the ratings as a depth chart of sorts, it would be an absolute shock to see Urschel go in a game before Gradkowski or Shipley. For that, he lands on the tail end, but still on, the overrated list.

6. Jacoby Jones ( 79 OVR)

The biggest name, and highest overall rating, to end up on the overrated list, Jones barely makes this list for a few outlying ratings. He is given a 79 catching score that, while not great, comes in 7 points ahead of camp standout Kamar Aiken. Aiken has been the star of camp as he has caught the coaches eyes with his strong hands and caught everything thrown near him. Though he has improved, Jones is still notorious for dropping passes or catching them like punts. He also has a 75 route running score, which compared to rookie WR Michael Campanaro's 54, is excessively high. Especially considering the coaches just recently raved about Campanaro's route running abilities.

5. Jah Reid ( 73 OVR)

It is not often talked about how much of a bust Reid has been since the Ravens traded up for him in the 3rd round of the 2011 Draft, but it certainly merits some attention. He has only started 7 games since then, and has never really caught on. This makes his grade of 73, equal to Ricky Wagner, a bit questionable. He is widely considered in the same talent level as the other offensive line backups like Will Rackley, AQ Shipley, Gino Gradkowski, Ryan Jensen, Reggie Stephens, and David Mims. Yet he comes in between 2 and 8 points higher than all those other players.

4. Darian Stewart ( 78 OVR)

Stewart has been plagued with injuries throughout much of his career, but his time on the field has been solid, yet unspectacular. A 78 overall rating is a bit high for a solid plug and play player. Of defensive backs likely to make the team, Stewart has the lowest man coverage score, and almost the lowest zone coverage score. His speed, agility, acceleration, and stamina are also among the lowest in the secondary. With those scores, it is hard to justify him being the 4th highest rated defensive back on the Ravens roster.

3. Josh Bynes ( 75 OVR)

Though this may seem fair at first glance, considering the ratings other linebackers received, this was a bit high. Bynes is rated 2 points higher than Arthur Brown, only 1 point shy of Pernell McPhee, and equivalent with CJ Mosley. Those who think Josh Bynes is better than Brown, the same as Mosley, and almost on par with McPhee are very few in number, and that lands him in the middle of the overrated list.

2. Omar Brown ( 73 OVR)

Though he is continually a camp standout and preseason high achiever, Brown has done nothing of significance during the regular season. Especially nothing to warrant him being rated the 5th best defensive back on the Ravens. That is where he comes in though, just ahead of rookie Terrence Brooks ( 72 OVR), and veteran Jeromy Miles ( 71 OVR). Also, considering some of the ratings the defensive backs received in the underrated category, this one is much higher than it should be.

1. Terrence Cody ( 73 OVR)

Until the recent rash of injuries along the defensive line, Cody, the epitome of an underachiever, was buried on the depth chart and landed on the wrong side of many 53 man roster predictions. Nothing stated there would lead you to believe he is the 3rd best defensive lineman on the team, but that is how he is rated. Cody is listed slightly ahead of Timmy Jernigan ( 71 OVR), and well ahead of Brandon Williams and DeAngelo Tyson who both come in at 67 OVR (this will be addressed later). This is just not right, and any Ravens fan will tell you that Terrence Cody's Madden rating is on the wrong side of 70, and absolutely should not be ahead of the other young defensive lineman.


9. Eugene Monroe ( 89 OVR)

How the Ravens got Monroe for a 4th and 5th round draft pick remains to be seen as Monroe has done nothing but impress since he arrived in Baltimore. He is a top tier left tackle, but is only the second highest rated lineman on the team, behind Marshal Yanda at 92 OVR. Though there won't be much complaint here as Yanda is a Pro-Bowler, Monroe graded out better than Yanda in quite a few of the key offensive line categories. With all the help Monroe has given to the Ravens offensive line, I think he could have a serious argument for having his overall rating in the 90's.

8. Arthur Brown ( 73 OVR)

Before the Ravens added CJ Mosley in the draft, Brown was poised to start next to Daryl Smith. Brown did everything you would expect from a rookie going into his first offseason, from bulking up to making his impact felt during offseason workouts. He had earned the starting spot, but he should still make more of an impact than last season. That said, Brown does not deserve to have a score lower than Josh Bynes, and not much above Albert McClellan. This rating is just a bit low for my taste, considering he had first round talent during the draft and has only improved from there.

7. Matt Elam ( 79 OVR)

Though he is correctly listed as the best safety on the Ravens roster, Elam deserves a little more love than the 79 OVR he received. He was forced to play out of position last season, and has improved leaps and bounds as he settles into the starting strong safety spot. These ratings are projections just as they reflect previous seasons, and not too many players are in for a bigger leap this year than Matt Elam.

6. Torrey Smith ( 86 OVR)

Torrey Smith is the #1 wide receiver for the Ravens, even Steve Smith will tell you that. But Madden has Steve Smith rated higher than Torrey, though just by one point. Torrey also has an 87 catching score, but with the improvements he made last season, that seems to be on the low side of what he could be. In general, with the improvements Torrey Smith made last season and the glimpses he has shown us this year, his score should be better than an 86.

5. CJ Mosley ( 75 OVR)

To preface, Madden gives rookies lower ratings to protect themselves against the players who will bust. There are always some exceptions however, with 5 rookies from this year's class being on the plus side of 80. CJ Mosley was one of the safest picks in the draft, and his rating should have been more on par with the rookies at the top end. He is rated as the Ravens 12th best defensive player, but he will prove to be much more than that this season.

4. DeAngelo Tyson ( 67 OVR)

Despite being the 236th player drafted in 2012, Tyson has steadily increased his role each of his seasons with the Ravens. He is primed to be the top backup at nose tackle, but he has great versatility along the depleted defensive line. A 67 overall reflects a player who will have a hard time not making the roster, not an improving player who has showed flashes of being a very good defensive lineman. This rating is way too low, but Tyson is not even the most underrated defensive lineman on the team.

3. Kelechi Osemele ( 81 OVR)

The Ravens are generally considered as having one of the better guard tandems in the league, which would imply both guards would have very good ratings. Kelechi Osemele seems to have been overlooked though, as he got the same rating as Jeremy Zuttah. Osemele spent most of last season injured, but in previous seasons when he has been healthy he has been a stalwart along the offensive line. His back injury lowered his abilities all of last season, but a healthy Osemele is much better than an 81 OVR.

2. Asa Jackson ( 66 OVR)

Even though Asa Jackson starting as the 3rd corner would not be the best case scenario in terms of the team makeup, I am confident he would play better than a 66 OVR. He is rated the same as Chykie Brown (who is also underrated), but listing him 5-7 points behind Jeromy Miles, Terrence Brooks, and Omar Brown is severely underrating Jackson. Also, listing Jackson 24 and 16 points behind Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith respectively is incredible. Both of the aforementioned corners are much better than Asa Jackson, but neither is as much better as their ratings suggest. A 66 overall rating makes Jackson tied as the 4th worst defensive player on the team, which is simply not right. As excessively low as this ranking seems, the next will put you in awe.

1. Brandon Williams ( 67 OVR)

When skimming the Ravens ratings, this jumps out as just a huge oversight. Our starting nose tackle is a 67 overall, which is wrong just because we know GM Ozzie Newsome would never let this happen. There is some defense of Madden here, as Williams still has very little film with only 91 snaps to his name. But still, everything Williams has done this offseason has garnered praise, and his presence on the defensive line caused pro-bowler Haloti Ngata to switch from nose tackle. Also, in the limited time he has received this preseason, Williams has been one of the Ravens best defenders. And just to compare the most overrated and underrated Ravens, Terrence Cody is rated 6 points higher than Brandon Williams. Even rookie Timmy Jernigan is 4 points higher. Madden likely can explain most of the players on these lists, but I would love to hear why they think Terrence Cody is a substantially better player than Brandon Williams.

Also of note, Madden is listening. Marshal Yanda originally had an 86 toughness score, but after the outcry that followed, it was shortly changed to 99.

If you have any questions or comments about the Ravens Madden ratings or team in general, feel free to ask me on twitter @DraftRavens.

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