Things Event Managers Should Avoid

Things Event Managers Should Avoid

According to the best exhibition stand design companies in Dubai, the most difficult thing about conducting an event is to make sure that all things go as planned. Even though there is a second and a third plan but it requires a lot of effort and manpower to get to different plans and sometimes, it may cost some more bucks. Now a days, even when the world is in the state of pandemic, there are different parts of the world, who don’t refrain from conducting events. But there are different companies who have come up with different ideas of following SOPs while going on with the show as well.

The best event management companies in UAE suggest that if you want to start an event management company then you should apply the basic rules of it. This means to say that there are some don’ts’ of conducting event management. If you don’t follow these simple don’ts’ then not only you will have a messy event but you will have a bad reputation in the market as well. Here, you will know about them.

Don’t Forget to Have a Good Look at the Venue: there are times when the venue may look amazing from the outside but it may be the trashiest place from the inside. If you accidently book such venue without visiting it from the inside then all your income will be spent on maintenance.

Don’t Plan Everything on Your Own: there are some choosy and picky customers who first say that you can do whatever you want and when it is done, they don’t like it at all. That is why it is suggested that you first confirm all the things from the customer and then proceed with the plan.

Don’t Pick a Date Near Holidays: if you do this then there is a full chance that you can get stuck in a rush, the market may run out of liquor or flowers. So, make sure that either it is a working day or a regular weekend.

Don’t Book an Old Speaker: if you want the customers to have a good time then it is suggested that you should get latest speakers and don’t book the same speaker twice.

Don’t Forget About Photography: offering free photography is a bait for customers.